Shower Massage with Sexy Blonde Ash Hollywood

Petite blonde Ash Hollywood is in the shower all covered in wetness both on her slick skin and in between her legs, where her glistening pussy is getting its juices flowing. Her man is getting pretty aroused too, as he finds himself with a hot little blonde behind him, stroking his dick to firm attention. I loves me a shower massage!

He turns around to lick her nipples, then she cups his balls with one hand and strokes his shaft with the other at the same time. Soon that turns into a pectoral and light chest massage, before returning to his dick for some more attention.

Slick Skinned Blonde Giving Shower Massage And Soapy Bubble Bath

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ Nuru Massage : .MP4, 24:50, 1.21GB, 1920×1080 HD, 7,000k

Ash Hollywood bites her bottom lip seductively, he gives his cock a few tugs, they kiss and she smiles as they exit the shower together. We get a nice shot of her cute little butt as the playful pair holds hands and walk over to the bath tub together.

They get re-acquainted in the soapy water of the bubble bath and kiss some more, her hand firmly on his man tube as the video comes to a close.

This site Nuru Massage is under new ownership of late, and I’m happy to see they’re taking things further than they used to. Their scenes used to end with just a handjob or blowjob, but now some of the girls are doing hardcore and having sex in their films. A nice added bonus for members. If you haven’t joined here before, give it a go! Especially if you love shower massages, it’s what they specialize in.

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Busty Euro Pornstar Aletta Ocean Massage Scene

I’ve been making a lot of solo girl blogs lately, and I’ve made an Aletta Ocean blog as well. She’s a sexy busty euro pornstar whose a bit of a plastic surgery addict but still sexy somehow. Then again, some guys are just into that.

I’d normally post this scene to my blog for her, but since it’s a massage scene and I just updated it yesterday, I thought it would be more pertinent to give this massage blog a revisit and make a post here.

Aletta Ocean Massage Therapist Rubbing Her Whole Naked Body for Motion in the Ocean

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ Dirty Masseur : .MP4, 36:02, 3.17GB, 1920×1080, 12,000k

In the leadup to this video I watched busty Aletta Ocean trying on her lingerie in anticipation of the arrival of her strapping male massage therapist.  She even watches him arrive from the windows of her home, stalking her prey you might say. Like spiders who build the funnel type webs and lure their unknowing victims dangerously close, before jumping out and pouncing on them.

I guess you could say that’s pretty much what’s happening here, but I think they’re both doing the hunting. Surely most of us would like our turn with sexy euro pornstar Aletta Ocean and this masseur is no different.

She gets naked in a flash and lies on the table, while her therapist the Dirty Masseur gives her a full body massage from head to toe. This scene is titled Motion in the Ocean starring Aletta Ocean.

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Naomi West First Nude Massage Sex Video

You could say Naomi West performed amazingly well in her first nude massage sex video. Definitely a memorable hard sex scene, after taking things a little too far with her massage therapist during her first ever session. He bought a sturdy heavy duty massage table that can take this kind of pounding, and he’s putting it to use on this fine day.

Naomi West is getting firmly fucked with her back arched over a triangular wedge that’s often used on porn sets to lift the girl’s ass up higher for easier access to her love canal below.

Naomi West Fucked Hard in Massage Sex Video from Massage Creep

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Massage Creep : .WMV, 30:02, 569MB, 1280×720 HD, 2500k

Naomi proves that she doesn’t get fucked, she also does the fucking when her man stops, she goes to work and does all the work herself, giving him a much needed break. A professional for sure.

She holds on tightly to the massage sex wedge with both hands for leverage, and to keep herself from getting fucked clean off the massage table.Her tits are flying up and down as she hangs slightly upside down.

From there we get a closeup POV shot, before Naomi West proves she’s supposed to be on your favourite fuck bunnies list with a thrilling performance riding her massage artist like the pornstar champ that she is. What a performance, with her natural tits flying through the air with every bounce on his dick she can manage.

Another great sex video that I can post here to Massage Porn HD where it wouldn’t really fit in with the themes of my other massage blogs. The breast massage in this one was pretty good too, but I couldn’t pass up on the sex here because of sheer awesomeness. A really intense scene from start to finish. The only thing I didn’t like was the hard edits between segments, but the action more than makes up for it. Naomi West was the star of the show for sure, and shows that we can’t underestimate her even with braces and her young age.

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Nude Woman Sits on Man’s Back in Sitting Massage

Not to give it all away with spoilers in the title, but this is a sitting massage with a nude woman sitting on a man. It starts out with her giving a bit of a butt massage of his own, working his lower back with his hands. India Summer is already naked at this point of the scene, sitting on the massage table between his legs giving him a body rubdown. He’s lying on his stomach, and she’s working her hands up his back on both sides of his spinal cord.

Sitting Massage by Long Haired Brunette Milf India Summer

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ My Naughty Massage : .F4V, 29:28, 1920×1080 HD, 8000k

She then gets the idea to crawl her little butt onto his back, climbing on top of him to apply all of her body weight to his aching back. She sits facing his feet, stabilizing herself on his body by putting her hands on his shoulder blades as she rubs her ass and pussy up and down his smooth back.

An interesting massage technique this sitting massage is, perhaps it was spontaneous or maybe she in fact knows a thing or two about how to please a man in the nude. The woman in this video India Summer would be considered a milf by now, at 36 years old. Still looking gorgeous. She has small natural breasts, long silky brown hair, a thin figure and athletic physique. Plus she’s got some freckles too!

This video clip is from the all new massage site My Naughty Massage. Nice to see more porn networks joining the unstoppable force that is massage porn, and even coming up with some creative shoot ideas like this sitting massage here. While I do review porn sites for a living, I haven’t had a chance to peek inside the members area of this site yet, but it’s on my list of things to do. I hope to have a look soon of course, time willing!

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Outdoor Erotic Sex with Sasha Hall at PassionHD

Not sure how much actual massage takes place in this outdoor erotic sex scene from PassionHD, but I think all of their scenes have some sort of massage element to them. If not, then it’s just a large percentage and the rest of the stuff is closely related, as far as mood, atmosphere, eroticism, etc.

Here we have the absolutely stunning brunette Sasha Hall, with a petite body, small natural breasts and a muscular stud to deliver the goods. They’re in a bed with a canopy it looks like, on the edge of a very luxurious house. It’s like the room is half indoors, half outdoors. I guess we can call this an outdoor erotic sex scene all things considered, even if the only thing she’s massaging is his pole.

Erotic and Passionate Sex Outdoors With Sexy Young Couple at Passion HD.

Sasha Hall Fucked

Sasha Hall fucked outdoors in the sunshine having sex on a beautiful white bed.

Sasha Hall Kissing

Sasha Hall kissing her man fully on the lips fully in the nude.

Sasha Hall Erotic Sex

Sasha Hall stares into the camera as she has some erotic sex in a stunning location.

Sasha Hall Penetration

Sasha Hall penetration shot with her little pink shaved slit getting stuck.

Sasha Hall Outdoor Massage

Sasha Hall outdoor massage scene with the sun casting shadows on her naked body as they fuck.

Passion HD Sex in Sun

Outdoor erotic sex in the sun from PassionHD a sensual  hardcore site with lots of massage videos.

Sasha Hall Hair Pulled

Sasha Hall hair pulled from behind, her long brunette hair held in one of his strong hands.

Sasha Hall Fucking

Sasha Hall looks back at the scene behind here but she can’t see as well as we can without a mirror.

Sasha Hall From Behind

Sasha Hall taken from behind, he holds her hips as he stuffs his dick inside her pussy from behind.

Sasha Hall Blowjob

Sasha Hall giving a blowjob to her partner holding his shaft in one hand and his balls in the other.

Outdoor Massage

A little massage on his neck as he gives her nipples a massage too but with his tongue instead of his fingers.

Sasha Hall Pussy Licked

Sasha Hall has her pussy licked with her eyes closed, probably blinded by the bright sun.

Sasha Hall Sucking

Sasha Hall sucking a dick in an erotically charged photo frame. Really like this pic.

Sasha Hall PassionHD

Sasha Hall from PassionHD smiling with a cock being held between both her hands.

Visit PassionHD

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Glass massage shower pressed up against glass naked

Klaudia presses her wet naked body against a pane of glass in this shower scene from InFocus Girls, the sister site of world famous flagship lesbian site Sapphic Erotica. This girl Klaudia does a superb shower scene rendition throughout this entire video, plus she knows how to look into the camera and smile like none other. A couple of great assets for any young pornstar to have. I mean if you can’t do a sexy shower massage scene against glass then you’re probably in the wrong business.

There’s a big tub full of soapy bubbles, but this section of the video is mostly of her pressing her naked body against the glass shower wall from the front, back, and giving us some nice closeups through the glass. It concludes with Klaudia finger banging her bright coloured pussy in a squat position, being careful not to slip on the wet ceramic tiles just outside the bathtub.

You’d call this a glass massage shower scene because she’s massaging herself against the glass in a shower. Just another one of the bazillion tiny little micro porn niches out there.

Sexy teen Klaudia gives herself a massage pressing her naked body against glass

Sexy teen Klaudia gives herself a massage pressing her naked body against glass

Full Length 720p Video @ InFocus Girls : .WMV, 12:53, 380MB, 1280×720, 4000k

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Sex on a massage table of Ivana at Fucked Hard 18

These two have sex on a massage table, the duo being Ivana and some unknown lucky fuck who doesn’t deserve to bang such fine blonde European pussy! They begin in a traditional doggystyle position with Ivana on all fours, but she pretty quickly decides that’s too much work and buries her face and chest into the towels and sheets that line the massage table. She’s got her face down, her ass up and she’s getting humped like a bunny in this video with sex on a massage table from Fucked Hard 18, the kings of this massage porn thing.

Ivana is a tall blonde from Russia who started off this scene a little weary and shy, but quickly turned things around when her pussy started being touched. Then she non nonchalantly grabbed his cock through his sweatpants, but made sure to explain she was still a good girl.

Ivana in doggystyle sex on a massage table at Fucked Hard 18

Ivana in doggystyle sex on a massage table at Fucked Hard 18

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Fucked Hard18 : .WMV, 30:20, 698MB, 1280×720, 3,200k

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Bitchy mean lesbian massage client Kortney Kane

Kortney Kane is the bitchy and mean dark haired massage client in this reality massage porn video clip from All Girl Massage. She’s acting like a total bitch for this scene, playing up the unsatisfied client role. Clearly she was hoping for a submissive female massage therapist to dominate and found one in Lizz Taylor.

This scene starts with sexy Lizz Taylor dressed in a pink silk robe with black lace trim, and is spritzing oil into her massage client’s back. She moves down to her thighs with the baby oil bottle, squirting it with one hand while rubbing it in with the other. Kortney Kane is laying on her stomach, with her very firm ass cheeks pointed skywards. That’s a tight ass she’s got there, if I might add. Later we see she’s got a fully shaved pussy too. She talks shit for most of the scene, playing up the bitchy mean lesbian she’s supposed to portray. Or maybe that’s what she’s really like in real life? I doubt it, she seems nice enough.

Bitchy mean lesbian massage client Kortney Kane in full 1080p HD

Bitchy mean lesbian massage client Kortney Kane

Full Length 1080p HD Video at All Girl Massage:  .WMV, 16:23, 955MB, 1920×1080

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Massage Porn HD my new massage blog (#4!)

Alright so this is my fourth massage blog, this time called Massage Porn HD.

My first three were based on massaging body parts (boobs, ass, pussy) specifically, which makes it a bit more difficult to source videos for. Here I can post more general stuff, so I look forward to that.

Most massage porn sites post their stuff in HD these days, but here I’ll attempt to include some information about the full length videos as it is in the members area of the paysites. This can give you more information about the sites and what you can expect from each one. Some are still at 720p, others 1080p, some haven’t even gone HD yet.

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