Awesome Massage

Kate Rich & Ricky

Petite babe glory hole cock massage

There are so many things that surprise me in this world. How birds can fly and why pinguins don’t fly? Why heavy ships swim on water and why there is a hole in the center of a massage table. Finally I found an answer to that last question. I know the reason for making a hole in the center of a massage table. So sit back and I will tell you or you can simply see everything with your own eyes. So a totally naked dude lies down on the massage table and a sexy cutie hides under it to blow his dick right through that hole.

Talented masseuse caresses big dick and balls of the handsome dude with her plump lips, hot tongue and soft hands till the dude is excited to the limit and can’t lie on his belly anymore. So she gets out from under the table and joins excited dude on the table. She blows his dick again and gets her body caressed with his strong hands. Lad does not forget to taste her clean shaved pussy and to finger it before stuffing it with his hard cock. They try different positions from doggy style to cowgirl and missionary ones. And all this time the dude keeps moving his dick back and forth inside her sex-hungry pussy till he feels he can’t wait any longer and hottie reaches a couple of orgasms. Once again the cutie hides under the massage table to give stud a fantastic oral orgasm as a bright finale of the full body massage. Well, I love the action so much that I am ready to run to the nearest massage salon in the hope of getting the same massage on the same table. What about you?