Brunette gets both outer and inner massage

George & Ivy

There is a belief that only perverts go to work at massage salons because they get a chance to caress female and male bodies all days long and get their satisfaction this way. Well I can hardly call a man who loves women a pervert but opinions differ. Anyway, this experienced man came to work at the massage salon because, as he himself claims, he loves helping people.

Soon we will find out what he does to achieve his goal. At first he shows himself as a very gallant man and helps the cutie to get rid of her dressing gown and to make herself comfortable on a massage table that can be rather difficult sometimes. He tells her that he will give her a full body massage (watch more) and that he will start with oiling her beautiful body in order to make her relax and to help his hands slide easily. She loves his strong hands and confident behaviour so much that she forgets about everything and surrenders to his talents. When he feels that she is ready for something spicier, he tells her to roll over so that he could oil her belly but, what is more important, so that he could get inside her tiny panties, after all a pussy needs massage as well. Sexy brunette loves that idea so much that she allows him to do everything he wants as long as it brings her closer and closer to an orgasm. Somewhere in the middle of the massage session the cutie grabs dude’s dick and plays with it. Who says that full body massage means only outer massage? In fact it means an inner massage as well.